Friday Five: 2011-11-23

Why I’m Thankful for Dungeons & Dragons

Please go read this story. If your a gamer, it’ll tug at your heart strings and make you proud to be part of a wonderful hobby! Heck, if you’re a human with any level of compassion, you’ll love this story as well.

[Regional Map] Sabre Lake

Dyson’s well known for his dungeon maps, but he whips out a great overland map in this case. Great job!

Dungeon Design and Stocking – with examples!

Need some tips on stocking your dungeons? Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to do it! Go check it out.

A Tale of Two Types

What’s the difference between a role playing game and D&D? Seems like there are some differences, but quite a few similarities as well. What the heck am I talking about? Follow the link to find out!

Do Sandbox Campaigns Evolve in Distinct Patterns?

I’ve seen these patterns in sandbox games myself, but never put that much thought into it. This is a great guide to the different phases of the game and how it evolves.