Friday Five: 2012-11-30 2

Yes, Even More Potions

Need some whacky potions that go beyond the standard “emulates a spell of 1st through 3rd level?” Check it out! Great stuff here.

Playing with Earth

Who says you need to go to other planets to have fun with mapping or creating a fantasy world? There’s plenty here on Earth (and especially in its distant past) to fiddle with.

Medievalist RPG Campaign Types

Running a medieval-style game? Need some ideas for a campaign type? There’s plenty here to keep you going for years!

The Anatomy of a Conspiracy

Conspiracy theories are a special hobby of mine. I believe few of them, but I absorb as many as I can because they are great brain fodder! This post delves really deep into the concepts of conspiracy and how to apply it to your game.

[Friday Map] The Kobold’s Tomb

As always, Dyson has provided us with a great map! Keep up the fantastic work!

2 thoughts on “Friday Five: 2012-11-30

  1. Chrome Magnum Man Nov 30,2012 11:54 PM

    Dayum! I hadn’t noticed that Dyson was drawing and posting again.


  2. Hungry Dec 1,2012 12:01 AM

    Glad I could help re-point you to Dyson’s great work! He’s been back at it for a few weeks now.

    AWESEOMSAUCE, indeed!

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