Friday Five: 2012-12-07

[Erdea Manor] Finishing Touches – The Family Crypts, Level 3

Wow! What a fantastic map, and some filler content for it. Dyson’s outdone himself this time, but for some reason, I feel there’s more great things to come from the mighty pen of this fantastic map maker. Someone should hire this guy to do maps full time!

Weapon Showcase – India

I love weapons from India. They’re so strange and exotic as compared the boring old “long sword” from western Europe. They’re also highly effective. I’ve personally used a Maduvu while in the Society for Creative Anachronism. I used one for about three years, and people quaked in their boots at the thought of me coming at them florentine (long sword in the other hand.) Okay. Maybe they didn’t exactly quake, but I did hear some cursing under the breath when they saw me walk on to the tourney field. Go check out the rest of the weapons detailed here. Good stuff.

Conditions And The “Fun” Of Battle

This is a great write-up by Dennis on various “generic” conditions that can be applied to people in combat, but not in a way that will remove a character from action. I agree with his assessment that conditions should affect combat, but not remove someone from the fun of playing. I’ve had one player taken out of half of the night of gaming because she kept getting (temporarily) turned to stone by Medusa-based Vargouilles. I offered her the chance to play one (or more) of the monsters, but she turned me down and decided it would be more fun to watch TV while she waited for the various durations of being stoned to wear off. Had the petrification just slowed her down, lowered her dex, reduced her chance to hit, and (maybe) given her a Natural AC bonus, then I think she’d have been much happier with how things turned out. Something for me (and other GMs) to consider for the next time a “condition” removes a character (and thus, the player) from the game completely.

GURPS Dungeon Fantasy buying order

I have 100% of the current Dungeon Fantasy line bookmarked and lined up for purchase as soon as Christmas money hits. I wasn’t sure I’d need all of the PDFs offered, and if I had to cut off at some point, I wasn’t sure where to draw the line. The link in this post really helps me out. If I can only afford 80% of the PDFs, at least I know which 80% to buy!

Ripped From The Headlines

Back in my 20’s I ran a very long-running Cyberypunk 2020 game (at least, it was long-running for that game system) and I made up fake newspapers and such. However, I had to print it on my crappy dot-matrix (yeah, that tells you how long ago this was!) printer. Even though the layout was great and the content rocked the players’ worlds, I couldn’t help but think that some of the authenticity was lacking because of the print quality. Now that we have color laserjet printers at our fingertips and the Internet packed with material this is a great day to create news-based props! Go check out the post on a wonderful tip on how to create your own New York Times stories using their template and everything.