Watching Wednesday: 2012-12-26

I just learned about this Kickstarter project this afternoon. Good timing, too! The project is due to fund at the end of December 31st. That’s about 4 days away from the time of this posting.

What’s the project you may ask?

It’s a complete collection of Larry Elmore’s works!

Fanboy Drool!!!!!

The project is already funded, so it looks to be in good shape. The only downside is the high price point for entry. It looks like $25 gets you a “doodle” by Elmore, and $49 gets you the book. Higher price points get you more goodies. Unfortunately, I have to wait until the 31st (pay day) to toss some money Elmore’s way. This is something I will most likely do, but I gotta check other bills and such when the cashola from the Day Job hits my bank account.