Dyson’s Delves

Lookie at what arrived in the mail last night! I knew I had a box in the mail when I got home, but I was running late for an improv writing session with some friends. It totally slipped my mind until just a few minutes ago. I tracked down the box, saw “Lulu” on the shipping label and immediately knew what was inside. After tearing the box open, I was pleasantly rewarded with this:

Dyson's Delves, Limited Edition

Dyson’s Delves, Limited Edition

It’s a great looking book! The maps are crisp and clear, and I love the fact that there are pages on the opposite face that allow me to scribble notes of my own about the maps. That’s pure genius! While I haven’t read through the full dungeon delve included in the front of the book, I’ve skimmed it. It brings me back to the golden age of role playing (at least, my golden age!) in which the main point of the game was to rack up kills, maintain HP levels, grab as much gold as possible and dodge the wandering monsters. That’s classic goodness there! There are also little hints here and there that a good GM can exploit to create some very interesting role playing moments.

To say I’m pleased with my purchase is putting it lightly. It’s good stuff all around. I also noticed that the bottom of each page is labeled “Volume 1 – Page X”. This makes me hopeful for a volume two, and three, and four….

You can find out more about the book here, and Dyson’s Dodecahedron (the blog portion of Dyson’t efforts) can be found here.

Good luck with your sales Dyson, and I hope for many more volumes of your wonderful work!