Friday Five: 2013-02-22

Comments are going to be brief. I have a fairly important presentation tomorrow and have to get to bed. Honestly, I should be in bed already, but I’ve been working on a massive spreadsheet for the past few hours and I’m not ready to give up on the project just yet!

Enjoy the Friday Five for this week!

The Dark Secrets of Hacking Interface Zero 2.0

It’s no secret that I’m a huge fanboy of the cyberpunk genre. I’ve met few people that can challenge my cyberpunk collection of books (role playing, novels, source material, etc.). I am a backer of the Interface Zero 2.0 Kickstarter at a level higher than my bank account should have allowed. (Hint: There’s still 6 days left to go!) This post is all about the hacking rules in IFZ2.0. It’s a great write-up, and I can’t wait to put them to use in the game.

It’s All the Player’s Fault!

Sure. Sure. Blame the players. Well, in the case of this post, it’s obviously their fault. Blame them! Burn them! Imprison them! See how they handle starting at the lowest of lows and work their way up from there. Good stuff.

What is the Town’s Attitude?

This link and the next go together quite well. In this post’s case, we’re asking (and answering!) the question of how the locals treat the adventurers when they show up in town. Are they heralded as heroes? Are they treated as law-breaking scum? What’s going on in town to make the villagers (re)act to the PCs like they do? What will the group do about it, if anything? Click through and find out more!

Making a Mark on the Map

Once the group has made their mark on an area, label the map! I’ve never thought of a system anywhere near close to this, and it’s pure genius! I wish I had thought of this. I’m definitely printing this post out and carrying it with me to the next game session.

Modelling Sickness In A Tabletop RPG

Something pretty much every RPG out there misses out on is sickness. Sure, there are diseases, but what happens when a character gets sick? There are differences, and both can drastically alter the outcome of an encounter, session or (maybe even) a campaign. This post is rather lengthy, but every second of reading it is well worth the time. Heck, print it out (like I did) and use it as a reference!

Happy Gaming!