Friday Five: 2013-04-05

Huzzah! Another Friday Five after a long week at work. On to the links!

My Character Sheet Ran Out Of Battery

I don’t mind people using electronic devices to do rules lookups, wiki searching and such at the table (so long as it relates to the game,) but replacing something as core to the game as your character sheet with an electronic version is borderline stupidity. Batteries run out. Internet can be spotty. Memory can corrupt or crash. Systems sometimes have to be rebooted in the middle of the game, which brings everything to a screeching halt while we wait for the player to “reboot his character.” Ugh. Damn. Just don’t do it. What’s wrong with pencil and paper? No. I’m not a technophobe. I work as a software engineer and I hold a BS and MS in computer science. I’ve been dealing with computers since I was seven years old, and this gives me intimate knowledge about how they can fail at the worst moment possible. Don’t take the risk. Just use some paper. Paper can’t crash. Sure, you have to do the math yourself, but if you’re not willing to put in that much effort, go home. Now that I’m done with my rant (sorry about that), I’ll let you go see what Ellisthion has to say on the matter.

The Art of D&D (Part 3)

I love this post! The artwork captured on this page is fantastic. It brings back tons of wonderful memories of gaming throughout the decades. If you want to see some good, old-fashioned, role playing artwork, you owe it to yourself to go check this link out.

Game Inspiration: Dueling with Shark-toothed Clubs

This is a great bit of inspiration for a game session or something similar. I can just see the shark teeth ripping through flesh at the end of a wooden cudgel. There’s some fantastic imagery there for you if you think about it for just a few seconds. Good stuff.

Papa’s Got a New Dice Chest

I am so jealous of Tim right now. This really makes me want a dice chest of this stature, beauty and size. Maybe I could actually fit all of my dice (past and presently used) in one container. Very cool stuff.

Rule Mishap, What Do We Do Now?

Rules adjudications are like buying an electronic gadget. You don’t look back. If you do, you’re certain to find that other sale at that other store a week later and kick yourself for wasting money. It always happens. In this case, when a rule is called, you stick with it until the end of the session. Then you look it up and see if you were right, wrong, close or far off base. Don’t stop the game for a rules lookup. If someone isn’t busy and can look up the rule while the rest of play continues, that’s fine. Don’t ret-con a ruling mid-game unless the wrong ruling really breaks the game in a horrible manner. The point of getting together is to have fun socially, not spend your time reading books or looking up rules. Just my two cents there. Want more opinions on this divisive matter, go check the link!