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I’m running short on time tonight, so I’ll make this quick. This week’s Friday Five!

Heroic Archetypes – What Kind of Hero Are You?

There are so many heroic types to choose from. If you follow (or at least just learn about) the teachings of Campbell or Jung, you’ll find out there are more than just a few types of heroic characters. Take Star Wars. You’ve got Han Solo, Luke Skywalker, Princess Leia, R2-D2, and more. They’re all heroes in their own way. Want more details? Check out what Alton has to say!

Thoughts Regarding Character Mortality and Old School Dungeons and Dragons

I think character deaths in old school games are more common, but it’s also easier to create those old school characters. I’m not too concerned about “old school death rates” or “new school death rates” to be honest with you. What does concern me is a game where characters take four hours to create, but a single set of bad die rolls to kill. There’s an equation in there that balances the investment of time in character creation vs. the amount of time that character survives. In games that take a while to create new characters, those characters should be able to survive some pretty serious bad luck. Then again, if the character takes 20 minutes to whip up, I’m not horribly upset when it only takes 2 minutes for them to die. I’m not saying I enjoy the deaths of my characters (though sometimes it makes for great stories.) I just want my time sink of character creation to have a bigger payoff.

Does Anyone That Plays Dungeon Crawl Classics RPG NOT Use The Crawler’s Companion?

Thanks, Tenkar! This is a great pointer to a great app for Dungeon Crawl Classics. Good stuff!

Creating ecology-based random encounters: This Eats That

Wow. Mike busted out the prose on this one! This post is almost 12,000 words (yeah, you read that right), but they’re all worth it. If you’re serious about proper continuity in your game world or wilderness encounters, you owe it to yourself to read, re-read and thoroughly grok Mike’s words. I’ve read this thing three times, and I’ve learned something new out of each reading. Go check it out, but make sure your coffee mug (or Mountain Dew can) is full when you start.

Karma in Gaming

I totally believe in dice karma. It happens. I was running a mercenary-based Battletech game for two friends until we decided to take a break from it. They ran a lance (or so) each and I ran the opposing forces. For four missions in a row, they stomped the enemy forces fairly easily and thoroughly. It wasn’t poor strategy on my part or overwhelming forces on their part. The dice just sucked for me, and they rolled really well. Then came the fifth mission. Out of the 10 mechs they fielded, I think they limped home with five still operational mechs and most of them were blasted through to the internal structure in most locations. I even managed to kill one of their mechwarriors with a gauss rifle shot to the head with a pretty tough to-hit roll in front of me. It happens. It’s karma. I guess I saved up enough dice karma from those first four missions to give them a good run for their money in the fifth mission. Oh. For interpersonal karma… When I killed the Jenner’s mechwarrior, I could tell the player of the mech was quite distraught. Not over the loss of the mech, but from the death of a beloved mechwarrior with a detailed and rich backstory. I felt bad. I really did. I apologized to the player for killing his mechwarrior, and told him that wasn’t my intent. It’s just what the dice (which were rolled openly on the table) decided would happen.

Okay…. Maybe that wasn’t so “quick”, but I had quite a bit to say this week.

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  1. Mike Bourke Apr 13,2013 3:48 AM

    Glad you got something worthwhile out of my efforts, Hungry. A lot of work, but I think it was worth it – and that splitting the article into two or three parts would have made it harder to use.

  2. Hungry Apr 13,2013 3:23 PM

    I agree that splitting would have been difficult. I looked for good points to break it up, and there really weren’t any that wouldn’t require flipping back and forth between multiple posts.

    Great work!

  3. Mike Bourke Apr 18,2013 6:55 PM

    The third and final part of the Encounter Tables series is now up. Hope it’s as good as the last two (I think it’s even better, but I’m biased 🙂 )

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