Sunday Six: 2013-04-28

So I missed Friday by a few days. It’s been a crazy weekend and schedule for me. I’m just now sitting down at the keyboard for the first time in a few days. I’ve gone through the backlog in my RSS feeds, and am bringing you an extra link today as an apology for being late.

My schedule hasn’t let up in the slightest, so my comments are going to be fairly brief.



What are the risks of the game if a dead character can be brought back to life? Wimwick explores this quandary in his post.

Fate of Hârn

This sounds awesome! I think Fate is one of the coolest “generic” systems out there, and merging it in with Harn is a fantastic idea. I can’t wait to dive into the download.

The Perfect Plan

Yeah. It’s true that the GM’s plans simply can’t survive contact with the players. What of the players’ plans, though?

Stereotypical Gamers – Debunking the Myths

I love this post because I’m a hard-core gamer, but I don’t really look like one. No. I don’t have the chiseled chin or perfect abs or anything like that. I just don’t seem to fit the physical mold most non-gamers think of when they think of role players. When I tell people that I am a gamer, they seem a little shocked at first. Then it sinks in and they say something like, “Oh. Okay. I can see that.”

Terrain to Challenge Epic Characters

Got some epic characters and need to boost the challenge of the game on them? Throw them some penalties they can’t escape through terrain or environment modifiers that impede them, but that their opponents have already found a way to work around. I’ve done this in the past and it works really well. The post has tons of more details, so go check it out.

The Foresight of My Father’s AD&D 1st Edition House Rules

I love hearing stories about how a father got their son/daughter into role playing games. This one is no less awesome than the others I’ve heard. I have a wee one running about the house, and I can’t wait to introduce him to some form of RPG goodness to see what he does with it.