Watching Wednesday: Re-Creating AD&D Module Cover Paintings Part 1

Today’s Kickstarter that I’m showcasing is Jeff Dee’s effort to get some classic AD&D module cover paintings recreated. His original artwork was apparently destroyed during an effort to make more room is some TSR office. That makes me very sad to know that something as iconic and classic as those module covers would be thoughtlessly tossed aside.

Jeff’s very close to funding his Kickstarter. He’s currently sitting at $4,146 out of the $4,500 goal he’s set, and he has about 4 more days to gather up the last few funds he needs to get going.

If you have a spare buck or twelve sitting in your bank account, I highly urge you to back him at some level. I just did at the $10 level. So I guess that means he’s at $4,156 now.