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Yesterday was a complex day for me. It was my last day at my old job, and we had the going away get-together post work. Immediately after that was dinner with an Internet friend that was several hours from my house. When I finally got home, it was rather late, and I just wanted to veg out a bit before going to bed. Thus the lateness of the Friday Five. I’ve tossed in a few extra links this week as an apology.

On with the links and comments!

Announcing the OSRchive

This is a great thing! I’ve always wondered where I could go for a single-stop-shop for finding quality OSR materials. It’s out there now! Go check it out, if you’re interested in the Old School style of gaming.

Adventurers Wanted! (Part Two)

I linked to the “part one” of the post in a previous Friday Five, and this collection of images of adventuring parties is no less awe inspiring. This is a great collection of wide and varied groups. Lots of good mental fodder out there for gamers and writers who writing in this vein of work.

you must be this lucky to play, part 2

How lucky do you have to be to play a paladin (or other classes) in the various incarnations of older versions of AD&D? Well, James has done the work for you. Go check out the analysis he’s done. It’s great!

Classical Play: Random Statistics

More random stat goodness! This one is more on the philosophical ends of what random stats mean to the character and player rather than the hard and crunchy goodness of mathematical analysis. It’s a great (and brief) delve into what it means to use random numbers for character generation.

[Random Thursday] d12 Cleric Subclasses

Loving this! Having something that allows a player to guide and focus their character into greater detail is always a good thing. This chart at the bottom of the post is a wonderful way to differentiate your cleric from the cleric sitting next to you at the table. Keep it up, Dyson!

The Seven Strata Of Story

If you’re a writer, game designer, module/adventure creator, or GM, this is a great post to read and absorb. It covers the many different layers that should be put into a story to make it a good one. Sure, sometimes a strata can be skipped or reduced in importance, but knowing that it should be there is the first step in weaving a great tale.


[Friday Map] Harimau’s Rock

Another great map from Dyson! It’s short and sweet and to the point, but can make for a great encounter! I especially love the escape hatch built into the small area. Wonderful stuff. Keep it up!

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  1. Mike Bourke Jun 15,2013 9:11 AM

    Appreciate the kind words, Hungry, and glad you liked the article. Working on a big one about Writer’s Block for the near future, but next Thursday’s article should be right up your alley! Secrets, RPGs, and Maths – what more could you want?

  2. Hungry Jun 15,2013 11:50 AM

    Ooooh….. Secrets, RPGs, and Maths! Perfection!

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