Late Watching Wednesday

This post is a few hours late because what I’ve been watching is the Black Forest Fire just outside Colorado Springs, CO. The fire started roughly 9 miles south of my house. It’s now roughly 3-4 miles from my house. It’s close enough and moving fast enough and moving erratically enough that my house is in the mandatory evacuation zone.

That’s right.

I’m out of my house at the moment.

That’s right.

I might never return to the same house I left.

In the rush of the evacuation (even though we were prepared and knew it could most likely arrive), I had no time to pack my books. Carting my books requires a large truck (which we don’t have) and¬†many hours of packing them, even when doing so quickly.

This means my lifetime of almost 40 years of collecting novels (which started when I was 7) and my lifetime of collecting RPGs (which started when I was 10) and my career of collecting technical book (which started when I was 23) are at a high risk of turning to ash.


That’s okay.

Somehow, I’m at peace with this thought. Obviously, I don’t want to lose everything I have spent so many decades putting together.

Why does this not bother me?

Because all of the important things in my life have been evacuated with me. My wife, son, pets, photos, yearbooks, hand-written RPG notes, computers, backups (hard drives, CDs and flash drives), and family memorabilia are all away from the fire and safe with me at a friend’s house.

We’re in good shape. Many others are not.

Please send out your prayers, good thoughts, positive karmic vibes, or whatever else you believe in to those who have already lost so much, and those that are certain to lose everything. Most importantly, please take a moment of your time to send good will and prayers to the brave first responders that are battling this blaze around the clock. They need it more than anyone else right now since they’re the folks that are charging headlong into situations a sane person would flee from.

I’ve already collected four links for the Friday Five, and I figure at least one more great post will pop up between now and Friday night. I should have a Friday Five for everyone out there in the RPG blogosphere.

Thanks for taking the time to read this brief interlude in our normal RPG talk.

Always starving,