Saturday Six: 2013-06-15 2

Happy Free RPG Day! Enjoy it!

I am late on the Friday Five by a couple of hours. I received word this evening that I could return home after the Black Forest Fire was at 30% containment. There is still tons of work that has to be done in order to stop the fire from spreading and in rebuilding after the disaster. I spent the time I had thought I would spend on the blog at my house. I drove from my temporary home as an evacuee to my normal home north of Black Forest.

Everything is in good shape. The home is standing and our belongings in the house are intact. We’re in good shape.

It’s now after 2 AM on Saturday, and I’m completely beat. It’s time for some overdue sleep. I’m very sorry for the lack of comments, but all I can throw in this week are the links. I hope you understand.

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2 thoughts on “Saturday Six: 2013-06-15

  1. John Arcadian Jun 18,2013 10:15 AM

    Hey Hungry,

    Glad the fire didn’t get your home and you are all safe. I’ve been through a house-fire (not a forest fire that big), and it doesn’t compare but I know it sucks ass. Glad to hear everything is ok.

    – John

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