Friday Five: 2013-06-21 1

It’s still Friday for me! I’m on the West Coast at my new job. I’ll be returning home to the Mountain Time Zone next week. Oh. Speaking of next week, my flight and drive home are fairly late at night. I suspect I’ll either post the Friday Five early in the day next Friday, or sometime on Saturday. We’ll see how things go.

Now, on with the links!

Creating the World Of Tomorrow: Postscript – The Design Ethos Of Tomorrow

Mike pointed me to the fourth and final(?) installment of his series about Creating the World of Tomorrow. This is a great postscript to the previous three posts. Good stuff here. If you clicked through to the first three articles, you owe it to yourself to check out this fourth one!

…Considered as a Matrix of Semi-Precious Stones

This is a great visual aid and a wonderful d10Xd10 matrix for generating some random gemstones. Great find!

Map-A-Monday: King’s Landing

We need more maps like this one… well… I need more maps like this one. This is what I imagine in my head when I start designing a city, but it never comes out this well.

Upgrading the GURPS Evaluate Maneuver

I’ve never liked the evaluate maneuver. I always figured I’d have better odds at swinging my sword more instead of trying to find the best spot to swing the sword. Peter has some fair and balanced “upgrades” to the maneuver that I’ll probably implement in my game if I ever get a chance to run GURPS again.

[Random Thursday] d12 Elven Subclasses

Woo hoo! More subclasses. Another great chart of wonderful diversity for character generation from Dyson. Keep up the good work!

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  1. Mike Bourke Jun 22,2013 2:20 AM

    Glad you liked the article, Hungry! The other article I told you about is now up as well – – should be right up your alley!

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