Friday Five: 2013-06-28

Today’s Friday Five is brought to you by yet another late airline flight. I’ve not had an on-time flight for the past 3+ years. If my flight were on time, I’d be getting on the plan about now. Instead, I have at least 90 more minutes to wait to board. You do not want to fly with me if you want to get where you’re going on time. I’m cursed.

The bonus fact to this situation is that I get to post the Friday Five for this week!

Free Stuff I like: Magical Medieval City Guide

When Peter linked to the free “purchase” at SJG’s e23, I immediately followed it! Then e23 told me I’d already “bought” the freebie. What?!?! I don’t remember doing that. I don’t remember reading the PDF. Maybe it was a spur of the moment “purchase” and download that I never followed through with. I immediately downloaded it again, and I hope to get through it next week. I’ll post a review of it when I get a chance.

Adding Vocal Components To Your Spell Caster

This is a really cool idea for a D&D 3.x or Pathfinder (or other derivative) system. I wonder if I rattle off “cuncarakebaluzik” at the table, will the GM know I’m casting a fireball?

[Random Thursday] d12 Fighter Subclasses

Way to go Dyson! Another great subclass chart. This time for the fighter-types out there.

Breaking Through Writer’s Block Pt 1: Types Of Writer’s Block and ‘Blank Page’ Syndrome

I’ll admit that I’ve never suffered from writer’s block at all. Maybe someday? My problem is too damn many ideas (see next link). However, if you’re stuck on a project, maybe Mike’s post will offer you some tips to overcome things.

Organizing a Project, Part 1

Once you’ve nailed down an idea and want to start working on it, it’s best to be organized. Tim’s got a great post about how to organize a project and run with it. I picked up some good tips from the post, and I’m pretty sure you will too!



[Friday Map] The Ruins of Lawrence Hall – a mighty big map!

I couldn’t go this week without pointing out this fantastic map by Dyson. He always does top-notch work. No one can dispute that. Ever. However, he’s far surpassed his normal greatness with The Ruins of Lawrence Hall in this post. Do yourself a favor and go check it out.