Watching Wednesday: Deep Magic

The Kickstarter I have my eye on this week is the Deep Magic: A Tome of New Spells for Pathfinder RPG. I’ve read through the information about the project, watched the video, and checked out their stretch goals. They’re adding tons of cool stuff in their stretch goals. The campaign ends in 7 days, and I’m hoping to pull in enough cash on my 40th birthday this Saturday to be able to back this Kickstarter at a fairly high level.

The one problem I’m having is figuring how if the stretch goals will land in the book itself or as a separate PDF or does that depend on your backing level?

If anyone can clarify for me the level I have to back this campaign at to get all stretch goals in the main hardcover book, I’d appreciate it. I’ll reach out to Kobold Press and see if they can clarify things for me. If they do, I’ll update the post with the additional information.

Oh. I almost forgot the basic stats. There are 7 days left in the campaign, and they’ve already raised $85,723 when their goal was set at $10,000.

UPDATE: I reached out to Wolfgang Baur at Kobold Press and he replied back within just a few minutes. That’s impressive! He told me the best way to get the most out of the stretch goals (in print instead of PDF) was the ADVENTURER-BARD level. That’s the $80 level. There are currently 37 (out of 150) slots left at that level. We’ll see how Saturday goes to determine if I’ll be able to back this one or not…. Then again, I just might do it anyway and call it my birthday gift to myself. 🙂