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Sorry for the lateness of the Friday Five. I came down a cold on Friday (that’s still raging), and yesterday was the first Saturday of the month, which has me booked solid from around 9AM until Midnight. It was also my 40th birthday yesterday. That means I’ve been playing RPGs forĀ thirty years. Holy cow! Has it really been three decades? I still remember the feel of the waxy, white crayon in my hand as I “inked” my first set of dice from the D&D Basic red box set while sitting in the third seat of my grandmother’s Buick station wagon in the sweltering west Texas heat. Yeah. It was such a pivotal moment for me, I remember the smell of the books and the feel of the trickles of sweat running down my back as my grandmother drove from garage sale to garage sale while I created my first character. His name was Kinol and he was an Elf.

Good times….

Now on with the links!

… and my company for dinner tonight just arrived. I wanted to make some comments on the links, but I’m out of time to do so. Sorry folks. You’ll just have to click through the links to find out what is so great about them without me filling your head full off crazy notions from my NyQuil-addled brain.

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  1. Mike Bourke Jul 7,2013 9:27 PM

    Happy Birthday, Hungry, and Get Well Soon. Thanks for the pingback!

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