Watching Wednesday: Realms of the Ancients

The Kickstarter campaign I have my eye on is one I just found today. It’s called Realms of the Ancients (or ROTA for short.) It appears to be a cross-genre role playing game. The thing that caught my eye about this effort is that it has a Rifts-like feel, but there’s no possible way it can be as horribly unbalanced and out-of-whack as Rifts. Perhaps it could be, but I really doubt it. The ability to play all sorts of different character types is really cool.

Right now, the campaign has 15 days left to go and has only raised $5,174 out of their $30,000 goal.

Go check them out and back them if you think it’s as great of an idea as I do!

Good luck to the ROTA team.