Watching Wednesday: Forge of Honor 1

I stumbled across the Kickstarter campaign for Forge of Honor this morning. While it’s not strictly related to roleplaying, I thought it was cute enough to spread the word about. I remember playing with sticks and parts of fences to play “cowboys and knights” when I was a wee child. We used splintery wood and bb-guns for our weaponry. It’s amazing no one came out with permanent injuries from our adventures.

This put me on the road to thinking swords were cool. When I spotted the Mentzer Red Box cover with Larry Elmore’s iconic art on it, I knew I had to have it. That put me on the road to being a role player for three decades and counting.

The reason I’m linking to this Kickstarter is that I can see these plushy swords, shields and Targimals inspiring the imagination of some young child. This might put them on the path to being a future gamer. The current cast of gamers in the world aren’t getting any younger (just a plain fact), and we need fresh outlooks, insights, and new gamers to join our ranks if our passion is to survive in the long term. No. I’m not being doomsday-ish about it all. Just some simple statements that apply to every hobby or industry.

Also, I’m thinking these plushy toys for children (and probably some adults out there) will be much safer for the wee ones than the weaponry my friends and I chose to use back in the day.

Last thing about this. I have a young son (current five years old), and I think he’d get a hoot out of these wonderful creations. I’m going to see if my wife thinks we should invest in the Kickstarter at the $68 level. I think she’ll go for it… if she can stand another sword in the house. 🙂

Time for the hard stats I always include. There are 12 days left in the campaign, and Forge of Honor is just shy of their $18,000 goal. They currently stand at $15,934. I hope they can raise the last 2k and change before their time is up!

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