Friday Five on Sunday: 2013-08-04

Down to the wire! Getting this post in on Sunday, just as a promised, but barely. On with the links and my comments!

Wanted: Professional Adventurers

Beedo outlines three types of profressional adventurers on his blog. Each section of the post is well thought out, and there are a few more ideas in the comments on the page. Go check it out!

Repairing the Spine of your Broken Roleplaying Book

Is one of your most precious and valuable books falling apart? Can’t find a replacement on eBay for a reasonable price? Repair the damn thing! Need to know how? (Yeah, I did too.) Click through to Paul’s post and find some great tips and steps on how to repair a broken book.

Realism? Who needs it? You do!

Matthew over at Gnome Stew outlines five reasons some level of realism is needed in even the most magic-filled and fantasic setting you imagine. They’re damn good reasons. I agree with everything stated there, so I’m not going to rehash it too much. He says it much better than I could, anway.

D&D Next at GenCon: 8 Dos and Don’ts for Players

These tips aren’t just for GenCon. They’re also not strictly limited to D&D Next playtest scenarios. If you’re heading to a convention anytime soon, give these eight tips for players and see how you can get (and give) the most during your sessions.

GM as Limited Slip Differential

What to do when you’ve posed a problem to your players and they get stuck on it? It’s a horrible quandary for a GM to have, especially when said GM is certain the problem is an “easy” one. I think we’re at this point in my weekly Cyberpunk 2020 game, but I’m the player. I’m more stuck than anything else in that game at the moment. I feel like I’m missing something vital, but I have no idea what it is. Maybe I need to send this link to my GM?

Map design thoughts.

What style of map should you make? How should it be laid out or keyed or marked? It really depends on the purpose of the map and who is going to be using it. If you’re making it for yourself, do whatever fits your brain the best. If it’s for someone else (like your players), try to get into their minds and approach the creation of the map from their point of view.

[Tuesday Map] The City of Springhollow

I’m in the middle of trying to draw a map in this style for my next attempt at a series of novels. It’s lengthy and tedious and is really making my hand cramp. I have no idea how large this map is on paper, but I’m very impressed. I picked up a few tips from staring at the map that I can use in the creation of my own city. Good stuff.

[Random Thursday] d12 Druid Subclasses

I love druids. They’re great to have in the world. They add a great deal of flavor and concepts and ideas and depth to the world. I just hate being the player stuck with them, though. I’ve never liked playing a druid. Maybe if I played a Twisted Druid, I would get into it more. If you need some ideas to spice up your druidic character, check out the list!

Ballistic’s Spreadsheet – July 2013

Love, LOVE, LOVE this post over at Gaming Ballistic. It’s such a glorious breakdown of different types of ammo and their GURPS damage, I squeed a bit when I saw it. If you’re a game designer with a little bit of math skill and building out a modern or near-future game, converting what Douglas has put together should be a breeze for you. Or you can just use this information in your GURPS game, too.

Dyson’s Dodecahedron

How did I not know about this magazine by Dyson! I must have had my head up my… er… somewhere else when he announced these. I know they’re “Pay What You Want” in the shopping cart, but I’m adding all of these magazines to my “Stuff to Buy” list for next paycheck!