Friday Five: 2013-08-09 2

Welcome to another Friday Five! Again, I’m getting this in under the wire. Been one of those weeks. I won’t bore you with the horrible details of how crappy life’s been for me lately, but I’ll just say this is the first night I’ve had all to myself. Damn, it feels good to be alone enough to crank out a halfway decent blog post!

Enjoy the links!

Mapping the Dungeon (and wilderness, cities, towns, and so on)

Look at these maps! Did you hear me? Look. At. These. Maps! They’re fantabulous!

Finding Stuff in Your Pocket in GURPS

I love the slight alteration to the “standard” rules of “roll to see how long it takes you to find something” and stand there doing nothing while the seconds/rounds tick by. Having the player declare they will go for just a certain amount of time before giving up (and before the die roll) is awesome. Also, if the chance can be a 1-in-X die roll, just have them roll and roll and roll and roll until they either hit the Magic Number or naturally give up. I’m a big fan of both of these methods. I’d probably go with the roll 1-in-X, though.

In Anticipation of GenCon: Convention Tips 6 for Players, 6 for DMs

Great advice for folks on both sides of the screen. BTW, these don’t just apply during GenCon.

[Random Thursday] d12 Illusionist Subclasses

What kind of illusionist would I pick from this great list of options? Hrmm….. Shadowmaster sounds cool! Being able to hide in the shadows while flinging illusions about the area sounds great!

Breaking Through Writer’s Block Pt 4: Dialogue, and Narrative Blocks

Mike nails it again! I’ve been struggling with the dialogue in my novels a great deal (which is part of the issues I’ve had this week [see opening paragraph above] and why I’ve been so stressed out lately.) This post about dialogue blocks (which I’m beating my head against right now) and about narrative blocks (which I’ve rarely, if ever, suffered from) are well worth your time if you’re a writer of any level. Thanks a ton for this post, Mike!

2 thoughts on “Friday Five: 2013-08-09

  1. Mike Bourke Aug 10,2013 12:44 AM

    That’s why we write these articles, Hungry – in hopes that they will help someone else. Feedback that I’ve hit the mark is invaluable encouragement. Hopefully my advice will get you past your current writer’s block problems 🙂

  2. Simon Forster Aug 10,2013 9:18 AM

    Thanks for the link, and glad you like the maps 🙂

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