Friday Five: 2013-08-16

I’ve had a long week, and I’m not entirely sober after being dropped off at the house by a friend after a GREAT birthday party for another friend. I’m sorry, but this week’s links are going to have to stand on their own as I’m too tired/drunk to make much coherent sense out of these.

I’ll try to do better next week. Promise.

Enjoy the links!

Come visit Hurren, City of the Elders
In Anticipation of GenCon: Don’t Be a Dick – 4 Tips for Following Wheaton’s Law
Minimalist Encounter Descriptions
[awesome stuff] All Rolled Up!
[Random Thursday] d12 Monk Subclasses

I guess I will comment on the last link. I’d probably go with the Scorpion Warrior, but the drunk me loves the name of the Tortoise Style Adept. Not sure why, but I picture a really slow dude that can really kick your ass with his bare hands. Good stuff all around.

Have a great weekend, and we’ll see you later.