Friday Five: 2013-09-08

Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. I know it’s Sunday, not Friday. I only managed to collect five links between last Friday and this Sunday. It’s either been a quiet week on some of the blogs I follow, or they’ve replaced their usual content with a 30-day challenge that doesn’t interest me too much. There’s some neat introspection from 30-day challenge, but not much that’s “wow’d” me thus far.

Anyways… here are the links!

Pick A Card, Any Card…

True. So very true.

Back to School Tips for Gamers

Back in college? Need to meet some folks? Not old enough for bars? Too old for bars? Gaming is the key. Here’s how to meet some folks and make some life-long friends around the gaming table.

Pompeii as Model Undercity or Ruins

Good stuff here. Loads of ideas from an ancient (mostly) lost city, and some excellent maps of what the Romans did back in the “good old days.” Very cool. You owe the creative portion of your brain a chance to feed on this.

11 Things To Help Your Players Be Better Roleplayers

How can the GM encourage the players at the table to step up their game? How about just plain old enable them to be creative and have fun? Need some ideas? How about eleven of them!

Hail Nurgle – Painted Chaos Demon

I’m not much for painting minis. Even before I cashed in big on the Reaper Kickstarter, I had about 200 minis with only 30-40 painted. Now I have almost 500 minis that need painting. *sigh* It’s just not something I’m really into because it takes me an hour to paint one of them, and the results are moderate at best. However, I can really admire when someone knocks a paint job out of the park. This painting of Nurgle isĀ fantastic. I just love this one. Wonderful details just pop off this disturbing mini of a chaos demon.