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I’m cutting it close to post this on a Friday, but here it is! I have 6 minutes to get this posted before it’s Saturday. Can I beat the clock?

Adjectivizing Descriptions: Hitting the target

Pick and choose your adjectives carefully. Writing a description is like a target-rich environment, but you want to hit the most important targets first. Mike says this so much more eloquently than I can in my rushed state, so check out his article.

Dysonize YOUR Dungeon

Dyson’s secrets are out of the bag! Now you can make maps as beautiful as his…. unless you’re me. 🙂

Six Wonders: A selected assortment of Wondrous Locations for a fantasy RPG

Need some interesting locations for your fantasy setting? Need six of them? Look no further than this post by Mike. There’s some really intruiging details (see the above post about adjectives) interlaced in the descriptions. Good stuff.

Scrivener For Adventure Management

I use Scrivener for my prose. I’ve used it for almost two year now. I started using it for taking notes as a player this past year. I’m about to launch a new Pathfinder campaign, and I’m using it again for collecting all of the numerous notes required for the GM. I highly recommend this software (Mac, Windows, and Linux) for anything regarding organizational notes or prose generation. I also just downloaded Literature & Latte’s mind mapping software named Scapple. It’s a great piece of software that complements Scrivener quite well. Check out it!

Ask a Dungeon Master: What does a Charisma score of 40 mean?

Wow. A magic item that doubles a single stat? I wouldn’t allow that for a heartbeat. Of course, if I inherited a campaign in which this item was already in play, I’d negotiate it down to a +8 like Darkwarren suggests. Failing that, I would make that charisma of 40 so horribly awkward for the PC that they would have no choice but to remove the item from the game themselves. I’m thinking mobs of adoring fans, the medieval/fantasy version of paparazzi, and numerous, jealous people all getting in the way of the adventurer’s “day to day” activities.

… and DONE with a minute to spare. 🙂

2 thoughts on “Friday Five: 2013-09-27

  1. Mike Bourke Sep 28,2013 4:23 AM

    Just as it’s “always lunchtime somewhere”, so it’s always Friday somewhere – even if you have to travel six-point-nine-nine light-days out to catch up with it. All of which means: don’t sweat the timing, it’s the fact that you post at all that counts! Huge appreciation for linking to my articles and I’m glad they hit the spot for you 🙂

  2. Darkwarren Sep 28,2013 6:58 AM

    Hungry. thanks for the link and comments to my article. I wanted to give the DM who asked the question some freedom to decide for themselves how to proceed, this the possible options.

    That said, I agree with you and if you look at the options I suggested a lot of them would be inconveniences.

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