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What a great week for the RPG blogophere! I had tons of links bookmarked. Unfortunately, it’s been a rough week for Hungry. I won’t bore you the details, but these new meds for neuropathic pain are killing my brain functions. Since it’s hard to think or write properly, I’ll spare you my mental clumsiness and just give brief comments on the links this week.

Fair or Foul?: Intra-Party Fights


Listing to one side: The problems of List Products

I like lists, but they have to make sense. There becomes a point (*cough* Rolemaster *cough*) where there are just too damn many cool ideas crammed into charts and lists and tables.

GMing Tips: Avoid Overselling the Description

This is a killer in so many games. The GM (or game designer) gets so wrapped up in their pretty prose that they lose sight of what they’re trying to describe. It bores the players. Worse than that, it can mislead the players if they latch on to the wrong detail in the flowery description.

Two-word Setting Seeds

Two words: Great post!

Quantum Distractions With Dice: Types of Sci-Fi Campaign

Holy cow! I knew a wide variety of sci-fi subgenres existed, but I never really did a deep dive into the nuance and difference between them. Mike does a great job breaking down 21 of them. Great job! If you’re a sci-fi junkie (either in reading or in RPGs) you owe it to yourself to check this post out.

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  1. Mike Bourke Oct 26,2013 12:33 AM

    Thanks for the compliments, Hungry, and glad you enjoyed the articles 🙂

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