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Hey everyone. Sorry for the delays this week. One thing led to another and here we are in Sunday. Urgh. I’m throwing in a few extra links for you this week!

Stat Vs Stat Part Two: Strength Vs. Stat

Here we are in part two of an epic series by Mike over at Campaign Mastery. He compares STR vs. each of the other common (A)D&D stats out there, and talks about what comes into play when determining a strength stat. As a game designer, I feel this series is going to be very eye opening as it will tease out little details about each of the stats that I have never thought of. Keep up the good work!

Wandering Monsters, Theory and Practice

Yep. This pretty much hits the nail on the head. It’s a short post, but filled with ageless wisdom.

Putting a Serial Number on Loot – Tackling Tracking of Treasure

Been there. Done that. It’s a wonderful technique for keeping secrets from the players about items (such as unidentified magical equipment) without the confusion of “Did we get that potion from the room with the 19 kobolds or the room with the ogre?”

[Tuesday Map] Kobold’s Run

I love the loop-de-loop effect of this map. Can lead to great fun and mass confusion for the players as kobolds swarm about and attack from odd angles. Cool map, Dyson!

The Gassy Gnoll: Being Thankful for RPGs

These five reasons are great ones to be thankful for when it comes to RPGs. Very good post!

Gaming In A Crowd: Some Advice

I’ve only gamed in a crowed during cons, and the tables are (usually) spread out just enough that a decent conversation can be held at each table. I have been in gaming stores with multiple tables, but it’s usually to play Magic the Gathering. Obviously, this doesn’t take nearly as much verbal communication as an RPG does, so it’s easier. One thing I noticed that Mike didn’t mention was the presence of cell phones. Do everyone a favor and kill your annoying ringtone on your phone when you arrive. There’s nothing more jarring than hearing a fantastic description of the dragon atop his hoard and right in the middle of it some Lady Gaga (with a poor bitrate on a crappy speaker) fires off at full volume.

Signs your party is not the first in the Dungeon.

I’ve almost always run dungeons as if the adventurers were the “first” into the dungeon. However, throwing in the fact that there’s someone already present or that they have come and gone with their ass handed to them is some great flavor. I’m going to have to add this to my bag o’ tricks for the occasional dungeon. Thanks, Gus!

3 thoughts on “Sunday Seven: 2013-12-01

  1. Mike Bourke Dec 1,2013 8:01 PM

    Appreciate the links and kudos, Hungry. You’re right, I didn’t mention the cellphone thing, for two reasons: #1, you only have control over what your group is doing, and when you’re rubbing shoulders with a bunch of other people, that’s not going to help much; and #2, I consider that a part of everyday etiquette no matter where you are gaming. I have also played a few times with people who were on-call (tech support jobs, etc) who needed to keep their phones on at all times while on standby, so there are limits to the extent to which this policy can be implemented.

  2. Hungry Dec 1,2013 8:06 PM

    I agree that the policy of silent cell phones can’t be 100% enforced because of job duties. I work in technology as well, and have had jobs in the past that required me to be on call 24x7x365.

    Good point about being only able to control what’s at your immediate table.

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