Belated Friday Five: 2013-12-10 1

Sorry for the much-belated Friday Five from last week. Normally, when I’m this late, I just skip things. I didn’t want to do that because these are some really good articles that I’m linking to this go around. I’ve been dealing with some family emergencies over the weekend, and things are finally calmed down enough to where I can collect my thoughts.

I barely have time to post these links, so I’m just going to give you the links to click on. Please follow-through and give them a gander.

I hope to be back on track this week.

You Enter a 10×10 Room: Thoughts on Description
Loaded Dice: What’s My Motivation?
Fire Fighting, Systems Analysis, and RPG Problem Solving Part 1 of 3: General Advice
What Makes for a Good Playtester (redux)
[Friday Map] the Fortress at Hawksford

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  1. Mike Bourke Dec 10,2013 5:01 PM

    Thanks for recommending my article on problem-solving, Hungry. Part 2 of the series has since appeared, and the final part will be published later this week. You can follow the links in the article you’ve nominated to find them.

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