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Just got home from my monthly Pathfinder game. While most of the players are largely inexperienced  with RPGs in general, and very fresh to Pathfinder specifically, this has given me loads of freedom in the game. It’s a great group and they’re really having a hoot, which means I’m having fun as well.

…. more on that later when I’ve had a chance to get a decent night’s sleep.

…. now on to the Friday Five for this week!

Fire Fighting, Systems Analysis, and RPG Problem Solving Part 2 of 3: Prioritization
Fire Fighting, Systems Analysis, and RPG Problem Solving Part 3 of 3: Complexity and Nuance

These two go together (Hello Captain Obvious!) and they are well worth reading! Make sure you start with the first installment of the series. In the second post of the series, Mike gets into the nitty-gritty of practical application of problem solving while still staying true to its “theoretical” roots. This is a wonderful read for anyone that regularly suffers from Analysis Paralysis. The third part appears (to me, at least) to be targeted to GMs that may have the common issues of lack of time, energy, focus, resources, and the other goods necessary to “properly” prep for a game. What’s “proper” in preparation? Check into the third part of the series for some great advice to help you focus. You’ll figure out what’s “proper” for yourself. It’s different for everyone.

Does Treasure Belong to the Players?

Yep. The players have (in the theories of a properly balanced game) earned the treasure. If it turns out the earned treasure has unbalanced the game or story or some other element of the game, then the GM should come up with some in story method to relieve the players of their character’s loot.

The Gassy Gnoll: Your Players Ruined My Plot! (A Bit of a Wander)

I agree with the Gassy Gnoll here. The word “plot” implies a rigid plan or structure of a series of controlled events that a single person has control over. This. Does. Not. Describe. Proper. Gaming. There’s that word (proper) again. This has different definitions for everyone, but running “on the rails” for an extended period of time is a pain in the ass for everyone. The GM gets frustrated with the players try to get off the rails, and the players get pissed off for being stuck on the rails. Just as there is no crying in baseball, there is no plot in role playing. There are stories, and they really do need to be collaborative stories.

Create Adventures using CNN Trends

I’ve used CNN as my primary news/headline source for many years. Why I’ve not thought of using their trending bar for idea generation perplexes me. This is a fantastic idea! Go check out the link for more examples!

4 thoughts on “Friday Five: 2013-12-13

  1. Mike Bourke Dec 14,2013 4:47 AM

    Appreciate the good reviews on the three-part article, Hungry, and awestruck that they got counted as two of the five best articles of the week 🙂

  2. Fitz Dec 14,2013 5:01 PM

    Thanks for the mention and keep up the great work with these round-ups… I always find something interesting to read!

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