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Time for another Friday Five! Hope you enjoy the links as much as I did.

Do you bootstrap new PCs?

Nope. No need to. I start new PCs at the same level as the rest of the party. It sucks to be dragged around the dungeon by the short hairs while hiding from monsters and performing at the whim of the more powerful PCs. I like to keep this level of suck at a bare minimum.

Weathering the Winter Storm

Walt has the right of this. With the arrival of the holidays there are parties for work, school, friends, critique groups, etc.. Left behind in the cold winter storms are gamer groups. Sure, you might get together with them over ham and eggnog, but there are usually non-gamers (usually spouses) at the shin-dig, so gaming is kept to party games, not role playing games. This means campaigns screech to a halt for anywhere from 4 to 6 weeks. This has been my normal mode for about eight years now. Walt has some fantastic advice on how to temporarily suspend a campaign for the depths of winter and resurrect it before spring thaw hits.

The Scariest Villain

While this post might be more appropriate for the Halloween season instead of Christmas, it’s still a damn good article! Mike does another fantastic job at digging deep into a subject and allowing his readers to come out the other side with loads of good ideas. If your top villain (or even a middle-tier one) doesn’t have your PCs (no matter their power level) shaking in their boots, then you need this article. It’s a good one! Well done, Mike.

An Easy Alignment Alternative: The 4, 3, 2, 1 System

I always accepted the (A)D&D alignment system for what it was. I never tried to think too hard outside the box for a very long time. Then sometime around the early 1990s, I was exposed to some systems that were far outside that (A)D&D box. Things like Cyberpunk 2020, GURPS, Hero/Champions, World of Darkness, etc. all exploded on the scene (or my scene, at least), and changed how I looked at “moral restraints” that were placed on the characters. Since that time, I’ve pretty much ignored alignment in (A)D&D/Pathfinder. As a matter of fact, when I created my (as yet to be published) RPG, I borrowed a few ideas from Top Secret S/I and expanded upon them. I felt it made for a more well-rounded “moral guide” for the players to follow when pushing their characters to the limit.

The Gassy Gnoll: Top 10 Quick Gift Ideas for Gamers

Yep. Christmas is five days away. If you’re buying online, then it’s probably too late to get gifts shipped to your house in time for wrapping and shoving under the tree. This means you’ll have to hit a FLGS (which you should do anyway!) and do your shopping there. Need some ideas? Hit the list over at Game Knight Reviews and see what he has to say! it’s a damn good list and there are more things there than you might originally imagine.

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