Friday Five: 2014-01-17

For what feels like a very long time, I have Friday all to myself. I have no plans, and the family is out seeing a movie. It feels good to be in the silence and solace of my own home getting a whole pile of stuff done… some of it on time!

Like this Friday Five! Let’s get to the links, shall we?

[Campaign Design] Planning the Apocalypse

Looking to run an apocalyptic game? How about one set after the Bad Thing happens? There are quite a few things to consider when creating (or destroying) your world before the PCs even set foot in it. This post by Jay is a good launching point for figuring things out.

Recruiting 101 for an RPG villain

How does the Bad Guy get so damn many minions anyway? Turns out there’s more to it than mere recruitment posters. Check the link!

d12-Squared Critter Matrix

Very cool “random encounter” (or other use) picture here. I especially love the modifier d12 put to use after the image. That really shakes things up!

Generic Fantasy As the Mundane

What do you do when the players are bored of their characters running through the “normal” fantasy world? Well, you change things up and pull them out of their “normal” and send them on an exciting journey. I especially love the concept of yanking them into Real Earth and allowing them to retain their powers. Witch hunt anyone? There’s more to this concept than what I’m putting down here, so go see what Roger has to say.

[Friday Map] Gedak’s Temple

I feel like it’s been a while since I’ve linked to one of Dyson’s maps. This is really caught my eye and is especially well drawn. I love the use of color to offset the lava drainage sitting beneath the main level. You’ve knocked my socks off once again, Dyson!

Everyone have a great week and excellent games.