28 Days: Day #4

d20 Dark Ages has issued a 28 day blogging challenge to celebrate D&D’s 40th birthday. I’ve taken up the challenge. You can find the image with the questions here.

Today’s question is:

  • What is the first dungeon you explored as a player-character or ran as a DM?

I guess the first dungeon was the solo adventure in the Mentzer Red Box, but I’m going to disqualify that as a “first” since it wasn’t a true DM/PC experience.

I’ll be brief today because I’ve already described the most excellent graph paper Marc’s dad provided us for our D&D endeavors. Marc, JP, and I all ran off to create our own dungeons, and we said we’d play whichever one was “finished” first. We had a loose definition of “finished,” so there was some debate when we got back together on if the presented dungeons were at a final state or not.

I really don’t remember which dungeon we ran through first. I’m pretty sure it was Marc’s, but I wouldn’t swear to it under oath.

I do remember that we didn’t run JP’s megadungeon. It wasn’t all that mega because he lost interest in building things out, and found that he enjoyed the game more as a PC than as a DM.