28 Days: Day #5

d20 Dark Ages has issued a 28 day blogging challenge to celebrate D&D’s 40th birthday. I’ve taken up the challenge. You can find the image with the questions here.

Today’s question is:

  • What is the first dragon your character slew?

I really don’t remember. It’s been 3 decades (or more) since this event passed.

ninjaI’ve been wracking my brains for a Big Bad that I slew that really impressed me. I think the thing that tops my list from my early days of gaming is wiping out a whole clan of ninja warriors, and killing their grandmaster in an epic battle. That was really awesome!

What do you mean it wasn’t awesome? I was a pre-teen kid in the 80s when one in three movies had something to do with ninjas. It was awesome! Argue with me more, and I’ll ninja around your house until you’re paranoid about things hunting you.

Before you start the argument, “ninja” is a verb. 🙂  It’s a style of movement every boy growing up in the 80s knows how to perform… even to this day.