28 Days: Day #6

d20 Dark Ages has issued a 28 day blogging challenge to celebrate D&D’s 40th birthday. I’ve taken up the challenge. You can find the image with the questions here.

Today’s question is:

  • What is your first character to go from 1st level to the highest level possible in a given edition.

kinolThat would be my first character: Kinol the Elf.

I moved him from Basic D&D through all of the BECMI series (though he turned down immortality when offered, and I’m not sure why I did that.)

When 2nd Edition AD&D was released, I joined that movement (and still have all of the books!) I converted Kinol to the new version, and he was, well, way overpowered. That’s when I decided to retire the character as a PC.

During my massive GMing days of running 2nd Edition, I used Kinol a handful of times as an NPC that would briefly appear and make a minor impact on the campaign before running off into the shadows. Yeah. It was very Elminster-esque.

I miss playing him. I did “re-create” him in a way when I created a 3rd Edition elven ranger/sorcerer. That character was an amazing flop, though. Not because of poor build, bad stats, or inadequate decision making. It all boiled down to the fact that I rolled like crap with that character at every vital situation. I just couldn’t do anything right. It became a running joke that he was constantly high on ‘shrooms, and that was the main reason he was so inept at everything.

Since Kinol, the highest I’ve achieved is a measly 13th level. Don’t get me wrong, I love playing D&D (and most every other RPG,) but it would be nice to see what those higher levels are like!