28 Days: Day #8

d20 Dark Ages has issued a 28 day blogging challenge to celebrate D&D’s 40th birthday. I’ve taken up the challenge. You can find the image with the questions here.

Today’s questions are:

  • What is the first set of polyhedral dice you ever owned? Do you still own it?

PENTAX ImageI have some of the dice from my Mentzer Red Box, but I couldn’t point to them and proclaim them to be my originals. They’re in a huge Royal Crown bag along with dozens of other “retired” dice. Many of these retired dice are the newer Chessex-style dice, but some of them are the older, softer plastics that TSR released with their box sets.

I now wish I had kept them separate, so I could pull them out and stare longingly at them while remembering simpler times of hack ‘n’ slash and monty haul style gaming. I just don’t enjoy those styles any more. I’ve moved on. I’ve matured. Maybe it’s best those memories stay in the past.