28 Days: Day #12

d20 Dark Ages has issued a 28 day blogging challenge to celebrate D&D’s 40th birthday. I’ve taken up the challenge. You can find the image with the questions here.

Today’s questions are:

  • Where is the first place you bought your gaming supplies? Is it still around?

B_Dalton_logoB. Dalton Bookseller is the first place I purchased gaming stuff. That lasted for roughly four years, and then Roger opened Based Loaded.

Bases Loaded mainly specialized in cards, comics, and other collectibles. He also had a great selection of RPGs, tabletop war games, and such. As soon as I discovered Bases Loaded, I bought everything through him. Roger did a great job of allowing us to special order things and not pay until the item arrived. He also kept a great stock of games on hand, so it was rare we had to special order things.

He also dedicated almost half of his rented space to two game rooms. It wasn’t until much later in life did I realize how much that really cost him in inability to stock more items for sale. Having a game room is a nice touch to a gaming store. Having two separate rooms is unthinkably generous.

I’m not sure if you’re still around, Roger, but I thank you for everything.

To answer the second question, B. Dalton Bookseller is no longer around. They closed their doors in 2010. This makes me sad to see a bookstore close down.

Bases Loaded was open from around the time I was about 14 until I was around 20 or so. When Roger had to close his doors, sell his stock, and move on to something else I cried. I still get weepy thinking about a great friend having to walk away from his passion. To this day, I often think of him and wonder what he’s up to… or if he’s even still around.

If you’re still out there, Roger… THANK YOU!!!