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Another late Friday Five. Once again, work has kept my brain so full and busy that I was a full four days behind in reading any of my RSS feeds, let alone the RPG-based ones. Some of those RSS feeds relate to work, as well! Ugh.

I just caught up on almost 500 articles (many just skimmed), and compiled my list for this week. Here they are!

Getting The Most Out Of Brevity

Brevity is not my forte. Never has been. At least not in my fiction writing. I’ve written a few flash pieces, a good number of short stories, but most of my words go down in novel-length works. This bleeds into my prep as well. I over-prep. I plan for “every” contingency. I think things through. I try to anticipate “all” choices that could be made… Then I sit down with my players and two-out-of-three of their decisions are things I never thought of, and all my hours of prep are out the window. I’m learned (but slowly) to prep the basics, and let the cards fall where they may. You should do the same, I think.

The Very Hungry Rust Monster…

This was great! I loved this comic…. though I still hate rust monsters.

Further Explorations in the Dungeon of Lost Coppers

Here are a few examples of folks finishing off Dyson’s map. They’re great! I love the different styles and interpretations on what Dyson started.

System Or Setting?

Setting, then system. Always. I actually take it a bit further. I choose genre, sub-genre (if applicable), setting, style, theme, and then system… in that order. Each one limits the next set of decisions and they logically chain things together. I’ve been in groups that have chosen to play Pathfinder, and then agreed to tell a space opera story… and tried to shoehorn things together to make it work. We spent more time hassling with house rules than playing the game or telling a story. It’s not worth it. Trust me.

I See It But I Don’t Believe It – Convincingly Unconvincing in RPGs

I can’t believe Mike wrote this article! Okay. Maybe I can. 🙂 He’s written a great article on how to get your players to believe in the world/setting/stage/characters/events/etc. that you’re throwing at them. It’s nuanced. It’s detailed. It’s subtle. It is usually easy, but when it gets hard, look out! Mike helps walk you through those rough spots.

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