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Friday was my monthly Pathfinder game, so I didn’t have time to post that evening. I tried, I really did, to post during the day, but work slammed me pretty hard. I had the site open several times, but each time I tried to post some links, something came up. Yesterday was my 16th wedding anniversary, and I promised my wife that I’d spend more time with her than with the laptop. Sounds fair, right? So here we are with another late Friday Five, but it’s here!

The Howling Cavern

Awesome map. Hands down a fantastic piece of artwork with just enough background to spark your imagination!

The Torn Mountain Collected!

Yep. Another map. This was is the Torn Mountain all put together in a single map. I especially love how the chasm is incorporated into the map. That’ll make for some fun and interesting combats or tricky traps around that area.

The Pillars Of Assumption: A Source of Plot Ideas

Mike nails this post. There are so many things we assume will just happen. Up and down. Day and night. White vs. Black. This is a great tip for taking a natural assumption, twisting it around, and seeing what the players will do when the natural order of their world is shattered.

No-Win Scenarios: Making Sure PCs and Players are on the Same Page

I’ve been in exactly one “no-win” scenario. It was based on a novel the game master read, but he didn’t railroad us through the book’s plot. He was too good for that. I wish I could recall the title and author of the novel, so I could link to it. Basically, a large swarm of Von Neuman Machines were making their way through the galaxy and taking out star systems. There was nothing we could do but run and hide. We did that fairly effectively, but along the way we met a crazy “artist” robot who used human internals to build his sculptures. We also encountered a biological form of Von Neuman Machines that we dubbed “green flies” and released them from their holding pen to do battle with the black boxes. We did the best we could, but I never felt that we “won.” We merely survived, and sometimes that’s all you can hope for. I did feel a little cheated because the GM didn’t let us know up-front, but at the same time knowing up-front that we had no chance for total success would have ruined this particular game. Take your games and groups on a case-by-case basis. Sometimes the players need to buy in. Sometimes it needs to be sprung upon them.

Iron Sharpens Iron

Need some stuff on how to improve your GM’ing skills? Well, look no further. Phil has compiled a great list of resources for you! Click through and see what he has to say.

[Friday Map] Three Underworld Temples

Yep. Another map. I’m just a sucker for a well-drawn map. These three separate, but tied together, temples are rife with role playing opportunities. That’s the first thing I look for in a map. The second thing I look for is the eye candy that makes the map pleasing to look at. As usual, Dyson delivers!

Interesting Non-Magical Treasure, Part II

Last week, I linked to Part I of what I hope continues to be an ongoing series from Peter. He’s put together some fantastic ideas to keep your three-sentence description from turning into “comb 250 GP” on the treasure list.

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    The Kudos are gratefully acknowledged, Hungry. Glad you enjoyed what was very much a last-minute piece!

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