Friday Fives: 2014-07-26

This week was the first week at the new Day Job. Training, corporate structure learning, finding where I fit into the puzzle, learning how technology I already know is being applied, digging through source code, getting assigned a few bugs to fix, meet & greets, and all sorts of the “new hire” stuff that goes on.

My brain is tired and full. I normally check my RSS feeds 2-3 times a day. I think I checked them once this week until just a few hours ago. I finally dug out of my RSS hole, and found some great posts to talk about.

However, I’m almost out of time before I have to run out of the house to move some storage unit stuff around for my Volunteer Job. That means you’re just getting links this week.

I’m hoping next week is less chaotic and leaves me with more brain juice at the end of each day.

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