New Kickstarter I’ve Backed

I know I’ve dropped my usual “Watching Wednesday” column because I found that I was spending too much money backing Kickstarter campaigns as I found so many cool things out there to take part in. Instead, I’ll just make a post here when I find something that I’ve backed, which is fairly rare because of financial restraints.

The campaign I just finished backing is Fate Tokens: Metal tokens for Fate™ games.

These coins look fantastic! The stretch goals look awesome!

They were looking for $5,000 AUD, and have crushed that goal with a current standing of $15,749 and 22 days to go.

I backed them at the $58 AUD level because I want enough of these coins to go around the table without anyone using a glass bead or pennies or a gummy bear or whatever. I’m hoping they nail the $20,000 AUD stretch goal because having a couple of Fate dice bags would rock. I could use one for the coins and one for the dice I got from another Kickstarter early last year.