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Today is a big day for me. It’s the 26th anniversary of the day that I almost died in a car wreck. It took three doctors a total of five hours to reattach my arm and repair other damage done to my body. Had I not been trained in wilderness first aid and survival, I’d not be here today. Only the tourniquet I made from my shirt and compress bandage from the remains of the shirt kept me from bleeding out in mere moments. I’m thankful for the doctors’ efforts to put me back together as best they could. I’m grateful to God for sparing my life in those moments.

Of course, we’re not here for me to pontificate about the gruesome and near-mortal wounds I received on the early morning hours of 1988 (yep, 8-8-88). We’re here to check out some great RPG links! Here they are:

Stormy Weather – making unpleasant conditions player-palatable

This is great timing for me! My next session in my monthly game will involve the party crossing a lake that is usually calm. Of course, I’m going to be a Big Meanie and throw a storm at them to challenge them as they cross the lake. I think it’ll be a good challenge, and Mike’s post has given me ideas on how to make the challenge fun as well!

What to do with captured PCs

If you game long enough, someone’s character is going to fall victim to the Bad Guys in a manner that means something other than death. The big questions are what are the Bad Guys going to do to the character, and what is the rest of the group going to do to save the character before the Bad Guys execute their plans? Peter dives into these topics and does a great job at covering them. Go check it out!

At The Mountains Of Madness…

If these images don’t evoke a sense of the wondrous supernatural in you… well… I’m not sure what’s wrong with you. 🙂 Go check out these pics!

‘I Can Do That’ – Everyman Skills For Pulp

It’s rare for me to tell a player, “No. Your character can’t do that with a skill.” The few times it comes into play is when it’s an unknown language, something magical (and the character has no magical training or ability), or if it’s a straight up “do you know that?” kind of question. Even on the last point, if a player can make a strong enough point that they have a related knowledge skill, then I’ll allow it, but at a higher difficulty or increased penalty to the roll, depending on the system. When it comes to physical action, though, I’ll allow pretty much any reasonable extrapolation of how the rules around a skill are written. My system is pretty darn close to Mike’s, so I’ll let you check out what he has to say in more depth.

[Friday Map] Leeb’s Fortress

This is, hands down, the best side-view-to-top-down-view relationship map I’ve ever seen. I get a great visual of the fortress that I could crop out and show to my players, but I also get the overland/bridge tactical map as well as the layouts of the fortress itself and the caves below. You’re a genius, Dyson!

Rumors are Bite-Sized Backstory

The best piece of advice from this article is, “The best rumors are actionable.” There are several more gems in there as well, but I’ll let you go digging for them by reading the full article. Peter’s really changed how I’ll approach spreading rumors to my players.

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  1. PeterD Aug 9,2014 6:57 PM

    I’m glad you liked the posts.

    Especially the rumor post. I’m always happy when I make the Friday Five.

  2. Hungry Aug 9,2014 10:28 PM

    Thanks for the feedback. I’m happy to highlight your posts!

  3. Mike Bourke Aug 9,2014 11:24 PM

    As always, Hungry, I appreciate the support, and I’m glad the weather article was timely!

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