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It’s been a pretty good week for me. Tonight is my monthly Pathfinder game, and I can’t wait to put ideas from this post from Mike at Campaign Mastery to use while the group crosses a lake during stormy weather. Gonna be a hoot! (I hope).

On with the links:

EDIT: I completely forgot to click the “Schedule” button (again) and just now (it’s now Sunday morning) realized that my post didn’t go through. You figure as someone who has specialized in web development for the past 20 years (crap, yeah, 20 years), that I’d know how to run WordPress. 🙂 Ah well….

Now! On with the links!

Mercy Me, The Fantasy Ecology

This is a very interesting take on creating fantasy ecologies. There are so many options out there to us. We just don’t seem to take advantage of it. Yeah, the random charts can result in some silliness, but it can also spur greater thought and wonderful results!

A Population Of Dinosaurs and the impact on RPG ecologies

Hey! Another ecology post. This one delves a little more scientifically into the process than the previous post, but I feel they are a good pairing. Check out both of the links and merge some ideas. You’ll come up with some fantastic ideas. If you do nothing more than search for “Jaws may drop at will.” in the post and check out the number presented there. Perhaps my assumption about the “silliness” of the previous post is unfounded. With that many different combinations of creatures…. Wow! It’s blows my mind.

Create a One Page System Today

I’ve seen those “one page RPG” efforts, and I’ve always wondered how to go about it. Now I know! There are some great tips in this post about how to go about creating one of those mini creatures of role playing excellence.

[Tuesday Map] The Ruined Necropolis

This is a another great map, but I think I like the brief backstory behind this area more than the map itself. Make sure to read the text around the image to get some ideas on how you might use this in your own game!


I’ve always missed a knockout mechanic in my games, so when I set out to create my own RPG 20+ years ago, I made sure there was a rule system around being incapacitated with a single blow and how long that knockout effect stayed in place. Of course, it had to be tweaked and refined, but I love what I have. Perhaps I’ll reveal it some day if I ever get off my ass and actually publish the damn thing.

Target Mapping your Monsters: Worldbuilding via the “Monster Manual”

I’ve used concepts similar to this one. My approach is to figure out the Main Big Bad, and then give him weaker minions, and then give those minions weaker ones, and so forth until I reach the “goblin level” where the PCs will start. There’s a whole tree of minions. It’s not a linear line of goblins-to-orcs-to-ogres-… and so on. Some of the minions on the same level may be pitting their power against a “sibling” in the tree to take over their sibling’s sphere of control. I love how Lyndsay sketches out spheres of control. I think taking it another level with some overlap in spheres can result in some damn fine role playing experiences. Great work!

Polished Loquacity: The Secrets of Stylish Narrative Part 1

I’m a “medium prep” type GM. It seems that when I do “heavy prep,” the players blow my plans out of the water and move on about their own agenda. That’s fine. That’s actually preferred, but I’ve learned a long time ago to just prep for some preplanned settings, characters, and critters, and then let the game flow around them as the PCs want it to. I have run a few “no prep” games, and those were a hoot. I may do something like that again someday, but it does require the right style of group at the table to pull it off well. Mike’s post touches on many techniques in that “medium prep” area that I mentioned earlier. It’s a way to land some great ideas for you to draw from, but you won’t spend so much time on your prep that you’ll feel burned when the players sideslip by it.

Storium – The Best Little Game You Might Not Know About

I’ve heard about Storium through a few different avenues now, and it’s reached critical mass in my brain. I’m going to have to check it out now. It looks like a great way to get some “slow paced” but still “high action” role playing in while I’m between games.

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