Friday Faves: 2014-10-10 1

Sorry for the lack of comments this week. It’s been a crazy week at work at home and in my health. Don’t worry. The health stuff isn’t life-threatening, but it does make it harder to manage what I can do with my energy. I managed to collect the links, and each time I went to write some comments, some part of my life would explode on me. I thought I’d have time to “play catch up” later on in the week, but it just never seemed to happen.

Enjoy the links!

The Boy Scouts and Dungeons & Dragons
The Wandering Spotlight Part One of Two: Plot Prologues
Do You Re-Skin Monsters in Your Campaigns?
Troy’s Crock Pot: Hey Pop! Where’s the Treasure?
Mega Dungeon from 5RD example
The Wandering Spotlight Part Two of Two: Shared Stories
Review: How to Be A GURPS GM

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  1. Mike Bourke Oct 11,2014 2:50 PM

    We all have weeks like that. Don’t sweat it 🙂

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