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Sorry for the delay in getting this out. Crazy work day on Friday combined with a sick kid sapped my time (and energy) near the end of the day. Then I had to race out the door to my monthly Pathfinder game. We had a good time, and I can’t wait for the players to meet up with more of my hand-crafted demons.

I intended to finish things up yesterday, but Saturday completely vanished for me. I’m not sure how that happened. Ah well…

On with the links!

Troy’s Crock Pot: Home Is Where the Exit Is

If you’re designing a multilevel dungeon, there’s more than just “stairs” or “ramps” to carry the players between levels. Troy has a whole list of the options presented in the post. I’d like to add the collapsing floor to the list. It’s a bit more violent and unexpected for the players, but that can really ramp up the tension and fun in the game. I recall the trapped floor in the original Ravenloft module that would drop the player into a slide and carry them down to the bowels of the castle. Good times….

Let’s Twist Again – Eleven types of Plot Twist for RPGs pt 2

More plot twist goodness from Mike. He delves into the final plot twists from the original post. I’m a big fan of Twist #5 where the players think they’ve defeated the Big Bad, only to realize the Big Bad is actually nothing more than the Big Minion of a Bigger Bad. I tend to only use this one if a campaign arc has played itself out, but we’re all still enjoying the game and the characters. It renews the energy of the game and allows us to all continue on with the fun we’re having.

GMing With Kids

My son just turned seven years old. I introduced myself to role playing at the age of ten and taught myself how to do it. Granted, I didn’t do a great job at it (it was more hack ‘n’ slash than anything), but I had a good time with. I’m thinking that with my guidance, I can introduce my son to gaming here in a few months. Angela’s tale of introducing three young women to gaming has inspired me to take that step forward and see if my son will enjoy gaming as well.

Gaming and the Busy Adult

Here’s the flip-side of the coin from the above post. How do you get a bunch of adults together in the same place at the same time to enjoy some gaming. We had set up a gaming group with five of us a few months back with the intent to play every other Saturday. We’ve met all of one time. Too many things have gotten in the way. I’m starting to wonder if we’ll ever actually play that game or not. The tips and tricks presented by Hunter in his post may help us out. I’ve already sent the link out to the group. We’ll see what happens.

Hatching and Detailing Video

This is a great video by Dyson on how he does some of his magic with his mapping. I learned quite a bit. I followed along as the video progressed. I gotta say the map wasn’t as good as his turn out, but it wasn’t too shabby. Thanks for sharing your experiences, Dyson!

Flavors Of Victory: Why do good GMs fail?

Mike brings up some good points in tiny detail on how a good GM can slip and fall during the course of running a game. I’ve been there before. I’m certain everyone has at some point. We all have off nights, or have planned poorly, or just didn’t quite execute a good idea in the proper manner. So long as a GM is willing to get back on the horse (or griffin or pegasus or whatever) and improve over the previous effort, I’m there for them. I have walked out on some games in the past, but that was immaturity on my part. I’ve learned quite a bit since those days.

[MegaDelve] The Morlock Retreat

More MegaDelve from Dyson! Great map in there. Keep up the good work!

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