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This has been much more sane week. It’s been really busy, though. According to my calendar, Monday night was my only evening with nothing planned at all. All of the plans I had were good ones, and refreshing events, so I’m not complaining one little bit.

On with the links!

The Doomed City of Bethmoora

This is a really good city map with some extra info on background, current state of affairs, and similar information. I love the rich details of the city. So many adventure possibilities!

Hot Button: Mechanical Transparency

When a player asks me “Which power will be most effective?”, I usually respond with, “Go with the one you think would be best. Remember. You’re in combat. You don’t have time to ponder the math. Just go with your gut. Doing something is better than nothing, and if you think about it much longer, that’s what your character is going to be doing.” That gets players on their toes, and makes them pick something to do and run with it. Now, if a player is unsure how some particular power works (especially if it’s something they just received), then I’ll take the time to explain what’s what, so they’ll be able to make a fully informed decision.

New Beginnings: Phase 5: Surroundings & Environment

Mike has eleven areas to think about when developing a setting. This is a great list of items to check off as you think about a particular environment. I found his list very useful because there are a few I tend to gloss over or not concern myself with. I think the one that struck me the most was the “oddities” section because I don’t throw enough of those into my world building. This leads to predictable, bland, and sometimes boring settings. Shaking things up a bit is always a good thing.

Abandoned Characters

John has a good post about what to do when a player leaves the group and his/her character is left behind in the world floating adrift in the campaign. He has three great suggestions on what to do with the character. I tend to use the “fade away” option unless the character is pivotal to the story we’re telling. Then I’ll usually GM NPC the character until that thread can be resolved before attaching the character to something that won’t let them continue adventuring. The party can come back to the character for advice, boons, quests, whatever, and it makes it feel (a little) like the player never left.

D&D: Rewarding Creativity in your Players

I love this post by Duncan because it captures the real essence of a properly run game. Say “yes” some of the time. Say “no” when you have to. Use “yes, but” or “yes, and” most of the time. What the heck am I talking about? Well, you’ll have to click through to the article to see the details.

Rat On A Stick – In remembrance of Terry Pratchett

This is one of the best remembrances of Terry Pratchett I’ve seen on the Internet in the past week or so. Pratchett was a great writer, an influential creative, and taken from this world much too early. Mike brings it home to role playing games, as is his writing style, and it’s a very good post to go read.

[Friday Map] The Temple Complex Ruins

I think I found a map for a “finale” segment in an upcoming story arc in my Pathfinder game. I can’t wait to put this to use!

Getting your Sea Legs

I’m about to start up a Fate Core game in the Dresden Files universe. Yeah. I know there’s already the Dresden Files RPG based on Fate, but I love how Fate Core has cleaned up rules and simplified things (and explains some aspects of the game better.) I’ll be dragging the Dresden Files RPG books with me for flavor, and the Fate Core books with me for the mechanics. Why am I telling you all of this? Because I’ve played the Dresden Files RPG before, but I’ve never played or run Fate Core. This will be a new venture for me and the players, and I really t0ok Phil’s post to heart on how to approach the running of the game.

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  1. Mike Bourke Mar 21,2015 3:03 AM

    Glad you got something more out of my New Beginnings series, Hungry! It’s always an affirmation of what I’m doing when an experienced GM can expand their toolbox and repertoire through what I’ve written!

    As for the Pratchett Remembrance – that was the objective, and I’m glad I nailed it. It was important to me to get it right!


  2. John Mar 21,2015 4:26 AM

    Thanks again for the pingback (Abandoned Characters), and for the links to the other sites as well.

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