Friday Faves: 2015-06-19 4

I have some seriously time-consuming plans for this weekend, and they start here in about an hour. This has been a crazy week of pivot tables, spreadsheets, database queries, and other eye-crossing messes at work, so I didn’t get a chance to do any comments during the week. I barely had a chance to read through articles.

I’ll be coming up for air sometime Sunday evening, but I didn’t want to make you wait until then for a post. Thus, we have links with no comments. I’ll probably come back by on Sunday and throw in an edit with some brief comments.

Here we go!

Plunging Into Game Physics Pt 2: Strange Mechanics
Pole Arms Through the Ages
Running Games For Kids: Some Tips and Tricks
A Vague Beginning
[Friday Map] Crypts & Tombs Beer Coaster Geomorphs

4 thoughts on “Friday Faves: 2015-06-19

  1. Mike Bourke Jun 22,2015 11:56 AM

    From the looks of things you didn’t get back to add some commentary, so I’ll just say thanks for the support! 🙂

  2. Hungry Jun 22,2015 12:03 PM

    I was so wiped from a family camping trip on Sunday, I didn’t get a chance to get back to the site to throw in comments. We barely got the cars unpacked before dropping into the couch for some R&R. We even debated skipping Father’s Day dinner, but we eventually got hungry enough to drag ourselves out into the public for some dinner.

  3. Mike Bourke Jun 23,2015 9:50 AM

    Hopefully you were so tired from having a good day 🙂 Father’s day in Australia is the first Sunday in September, so it’s still to come.

    • Hungry Jun 23,2015 10:37 AM

      It was certainly the good kind of exhaustion. The camping trip was well worth the effort (and the massive number of mosquito bites.)

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