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I’m finally getting around to posting this many days late. I can’t wait for my contract job to end at the end of this month! Nuf Sed Bout That….

On with the links!

Cinematic Combat Part 2 – Damage Mechanics

Woo Hoo! Damage and math all wrapped together in one post. This makes me a happy game designer as getting the crunchy bits balanced and “right” are one of the most exciting things I can do while making a new RPG. (Having said that, getting the flavor/feel/style/theme of the game is one of the most rewarding things.) Mike does a good dive not only into the math of the game mechanics (in a fairly generic manner), but he also touches on how this all can speed of the play of your game to allow for more “spare” time that can be used describing exactly how that damage affects the target character or creature.

[crafts] Crafting a medallion

More crafty crafterness from Matt. This time with medallions instead of maps! These look great, but it makes me wonder what you’d have to do to get yellows, blues, greens, etc. into your medallions without painting them after the fact? I wonder if food coloring would survive the baking process? Hrmmm….

Violent Resolution: And the Rockets’ Red Glare

Everyone loves a good explosion… unless you’re on the receiving end of it. Douglas does another deep dive into a handful of systems with regards to area effect weaponry and effects. After reading this one (and others in the series), I might have to pick up Night’s Black Agents to see what I’m missing there!

Aerial Maps and Your Game

This is a great idea. I’d never thought of scrolling to a random section of wilderness on Google Earth, snagging a screen shot, and then whipping out the handy GIMP to create some overhead views of maps. I might have to give this a swing sometime soon.

Traditional Interpretations and Rituals Of Culture

How do traditions get created? What do they mean? How have they changed over time? Are they still relevant? All great questions. The best one, for the purposes of this blog, is, “How do in-game traditions affect our storytelling of the events of the campaign?” Mike jumps into this topic feet first and comes up for air much later on. This is a great post and should be read by anyone that loves doing world building (either for fiction or gaming.)

Nature is Noisy

As a fiction writer, I have to use all of the senses I can pack into a story to really immerse the reader and bring the story home. A good GM can do the same with sensory details for the players to imagine their characters are experiencing.

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