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The Day Job ate my soul this past week. I also (finally!) ditched the Contract Job with an overly-long handoff meeting on Friday night. I thought I’d be getting home around 10PM on Friday, which would give me ample time to finish off this post and get it up. Instead, I ended up getting home a hair after midnight from the meeting. I loved the Contract Job, but I’m glad it’s finally gone. This will allow me more time through the week for my writing efforts (which includes this blog), my family, and — quite frankly — me.

Now let’s get on with the links. I did collect a couple this morning, so it’s not purely stuff from last week.

Have I been playing my paladin wrong?

Douglas has a great introspective post on the abilities of D&D paladins and how they can possibly be played. I really enjoyed this post as it does a good job of covering what can be done, what should be done, and some tweaks that might make paladins work a little better with the typical image of paladins.

Basics For Beginners (and the over-experienced) Pt I: Beginnings

I’m really looking for to what Mike has to say about how to GM. He’s already off to a running start with this first installment of the series. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. I know. There’s already a plethora of GMing advice out there, but Mike always manages to come into a topic with a great perspective and an excellent approach at describing his thoughts.

[Tuesday Map] Lady White’s Ruins

Pretty cool map from Dyson! I like it. I’m wondering if it’s something I can use in a future game?

Violent Resolution – His back was to me

Douglas knocks it out of the park again, but this time he does it from behind… or was someone sneaking up on him? Either way, he digs down into several systems and puts down his thoughts on the various rule systems he’s been exploring in this series.

A target of inefficiency: from Dystopian trends to Utopia

Mike delves deep into the breakdown of the infrastructure when “it all goes wrong.” He tells a few interesting and poignant anecdotes as setup, and then drops into his thoughts on how things will fall apart. It’s sobering. It’s educational. It’s definitely food for thought.

Adventure Writing Advice

There are six points of advice in Tim’s article, and all of them are spot on. It’s a quick read, but hits home for anyone thinking about creating an adventure. Before you convert that Word DOC to a PDF and cram it down driveThruRPG’s throat, check out this post.

Violent Resolution – The End of the Revolution

Say it ain’t so, Joe! I’ve loved this series of posts from the start. It gave an interesting insight into the various systems covered. If you haven’t been checking out the links, I’d recommend finding them all, and scouring them for information. The presentation is especially important to game designers everywhere.

D&D never went off the rails

Peter’s got a great post about the evolution of D&D, and how version X is right for some people, but not others. He’s right. 100% correct. I was incredibly disappointed by 4e. To the point where I gave away the books because I didn’t feel it was right to sell them because I didn’t want someone to spend their hard-earned money on them (like I did). I cut my teeth on BECMI and jumped into 2nd edition when it came out, but I have to say that my favorite flavor is 1st edition because of the free-flow and less limiting ruleset. Granted, it requires a higher caliber GM to pull off 1st edition than that others, but that’s okay. Having said this, I’m currently in a 3.5 game, and running a Pathfinder game. I’ve yet to touch 5e, but there’s still time to do that.

3 thoughts on “Another Late Friday Faves: 2015-08-02

  1. Mike Bourke Aug 2,2015 8:30 PM

    Glad you found my articles interesting, Hungry. The Beginner-GM series is going to be a big one, and has a slightly different target audience to the usual readers of Campaign Mastery, so I was curious as to how the readership would react. Fortunately, it seems to have gone down very well, and it’s great (I think) that I’ve been able to incorporate new tips along the way.

    I fear you may have missed – or mis-stated – the point of the other article this week. “A target of inefficiency: from Dystopian trends to Utopia” is primarily about how we fix the many problems facing western society. There is a “Dystopian Mindset” that amounts to “everything else falling apart so why should I care about [name your issue]”; it’s been growing since the 1960s, with its seeds in the Vietnam War, Watergate, and many other erosions of public confidence. The “me” generation was one outgrowth “get in while the getting is good, make your bundle no matter the cost, get out before it’s too late”, and so was the GFC. Your reading seems to buy into this “glass half empty” perspective to some extent. A good shot of enthusiasm for the future is needed by society, the conviction that none of the problems can’t be solved, and that’s what I hope readers such as yourself take away from the article. This might not be the only blueprint to a prosperous future – where there is one solution, there are usually many – but this is one that I’ve not seen in print before, and that looks like it could work – at least well enough for RPG purposes, if not in real life (where things are never as black and white as abstract theory would have it).

    • Hungry Aug 3,2015 11:29 AM

      You’re right that I missed some (or probably the majority) of your points in the dystopic post. I was in such a hurry to try and make my post a little less late, that I probably didn’t give your post (or my comments) enough time to really sink in and become fully formed in my brain.

      Thanks for the clarifications!

  2. Mike Bourke Aug 4,2015 3:20 AM

    I can certainly understand that, and even surmised as much – which is the reason I took the time to clarify matters. It looks like you skimmed the first part of the article and missed the last part, wherein the proposed solution is offered 🙂

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