Absent For A Bit 1

Sorry for the late notice for last week…

I’m going to be at WorldCon this week (and into part of next week). The prep for the convention has been more intense than I expected (or maybe I’m just making it more intense?), and this has prevented me from doing much RPG blog reading, let along collecting links, and chatting about them.

I apologize to my few readers and to the blogs that I support with links to their site. There’s no way I can get last week’s Friday Faves up, and this week certainly won’t happen because of WorldCon.

The week after WorldCon? I don’t know yet. Depends on how badly the ConCrud latches on to my body and how much energy I have at the end of the day after playing “catch up” from my vacation.

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  1. Mike Bourke Aug 19,2015 2:01 AM

    Every GM has found himself in a similar situation at some point. Enjoy the Con, the internet will still be here when you get back!

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