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Say a prayer for lost souls today. You know why. If you’re not sure why, then I bless your youth and hope the history books teach you the truth, not a slanted message.

It’s been a light week of posts that I spotted this week. I was also uber swamped at work this week, so that could have led to me missing a few things. Here are the things for the week!

The Lorica Project – setup and trials

This is sweet armor and made for a really good reason. I love the craftsmanship Douglas put into what he’s making for his daughter. As a point of practicality, I’ve worn leather Lorica Segmentata before in the SCA. The second-hardest blow I’ve ever received in all my days (decades, 3 of them) of doing martial arts happened on a day I wore a borrowed set of Segmentata. The shot slammed into my ribs. I saw it coming about 0.25 seconds before it hit me, and I honestly had no chance to do anything about it but mentally brace. The impact of the sword against my ribs… well… Let me put it this way. I had just enough time to guess that I was going to come away with 2-3 broken ribs. Instead, I came away with a small surface bruise. The armor is highly effective, very light (for what it does), and is quite comfortable.

The Spotted Parrot (and other establishments)

More excellent tables to roll on for determining more details about a tavern. Great work, Mike! I can see so many fantastic possibilities pouring out of these. I especially love the barman personality profile portion of things. Excellent!

Tales From The Front Line: Critical Absences – an unresolved question

Mike has a slew of great suggestions here for how to handle the logistics of an absent player, but with a present character. There are so many ideas in there, I’m not sure which one I like best. An idea that Mike tossed out was to ignore critical hits and fumbles. I could see that working… Treat the worst roll as a “almost worst roll” (so if ‘1’ is the worst, treat all natural 1s as a ‘2’). On the flip side, you have to balance the game and not steal the spotlight of the players that are actually there. Treat the best roll as the “almost best roll” (so if a ’20’ is the best, then treat it as a ’19’.) However, the convert-20-to-19 breaks down for things like D&D 3.0/3.5, Pathfinder, etc. where some weapons threaten a critical based on a number other than just 20. (e.g.: Longswords threaten on a 19 or 20). In this case, I would just allow the player running the character to add up the numbers like normal, but ignore the possibility of a critical success. There are plenty of other ideas in his post, so make the with click to see what he has to say!

[Friday Map] The Ruined Ha’Tak Temple

Sweet map! I love the details of the crumbled portions of the outer walls. Well done!

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  1. Mike Bourke Sep 12,2015 1:10 PM

    Thanks, Hungry! The Tavern Generator has been even more work than I feared it would be, so it’s great that people are appreciating it! And I’m glad that you got something out of the absent-players-and-criticals article; it’s a question that I’ve never seen asked before, and one that GMs need to be aware of. The simplest technique is simply to ignore checking for criticals (either in fumble or success); the character either hits or misses 🙂

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