FF to SSS 4

As many of you (yeah, all 6 of you that read this site these days), have noticed…. I’ve been horrible lately with getting Friday Faves out on a Friday. It’s usually Saturday or Sunday (with the occasional Monday) before the list and comments get published.

There are so many worthless reasons for this, but I’ve done some checking of my schedule. I think (maybe, hopefully), shifting “Friday Faves” to “Sporadic Saturday Sweetness” will do the trick to actually make itΒ less sporadic.

So…. Starting this week, that’s what I’m going to do. I’ll tag them in the “Friday Faves” category because when I renamed “Friday Five” to “Friday Faves”, I was hit with so many 404 errors it made me realize I probably blew up quite a few peoples’ RSS feeds and probably lost some readers in the process. I’ll also be tagging them in the “Sporadic Saturday Sweetness” category as well.

Here’s to hoping that this subtle shift in my schedule will allow me to continue the posts without losing all hope.

4 thoughts on “FF to SSS

  1. Mike Bourke Sep 25,2015 2:25 AM

    Hope the change of schedule helps for you, Hungry πŸ™‚

  2. Mike Bourke Sep 25,2015 2:28 AM

    As for the 404s, couldn’t you have just done a redirect to point anyone looking for “Friday Fives” to “Friday Faves”, or to the new category of “Sporadic Saturday Sweetness”? Let your website do the heavy lifting! http://www.wikihow.com/Redirect-a-URL

    • Hungry Sep 25,2015 9:20 AM

      True. I could leverage web tech (which is my Day Job) to get the job done. I’ll look into that.

      Thanks for the tip!

      • Mike Bourke Sep 27,2015 4:06 AM

        I’ve seen it many times before – people know how to do something, they simply never think to use what they know to solve a problem they have. It’s especially true of a skill employed in a “day job” because of the psychological wall that people use to differentiate between that job and the rest of their lives. I’ve always looked on every job that I had as a chance to learn something that I could use for other purposes, especially for gaming πŸ™‚

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